OBJECTIVE:  This Course will introduce student to the Microsoft office macro programming environment or show students how to use visual basic for applications (VBA) to develop custom solutions ,automate routine tasks .How create & enhance recorded macros in excel ,understand the excel object  model &VBA concepts ,create command procedure & user defined functions how to unite a vanity of error handling  routine.


  •  Live Demonstration
  •  Internship/Career Opportunities from Ignite and its associates.
  •  Hands on Practice Sessions
  •  24*7 Email Supports through Email.
 Excel VBA/ Macros Training Course Contents  1) The Concept, Record and Run Macros & the VB Environment
  •             The Project Window
  •             Code Window
  •             Properties Window
  •             Navigating between Excel and the VB Editor
 2) Editing Code + Methods of Executing
  •             Using the Visual Basic Editor
  •             Structure of a sub routine
  •             Key Words
  •             Navigate a Module
  •             Edit a module
  •             Use of Function Keys
  •             Run subroutines together
  •             Menu, Visual Basic Toolbar, Keyboard Shortcut, Custom Toolbar Button,    Custom Menu Item, Forms Toolbar executing
3) Visual Basic Language Rules
  •             Theory of Object
  •             Properties and Methods
  •             Active Objects
  •             Object Model Hierarchy
  •             Inheritance
 4) Control Structures
  •             IF, Nested IF
  •             AND OR NOT
  •             SELECT CASE
  •             Inbuilt Functions
  •             Distribution, Watch Pane
  •             Step through Functions using the immediate Window
 5) Looping Structures
  •             Do Loops
  •             For Next Loops
  •             For Each Next Loops
 6) Interactive Macros
  •             Using a Msgbox
  •             Use a Conditional Message Box
  •             Use the Inputbox
  7) Create Interactive Forms
  •             Build Form Controls
  •             Build User forms
  • Use of the Properties Window
  •             Combo box
  •             Radio Buttons
  •             Group box
  •             Check box
  •             Built in Dialog Boxes
  •             Create Custom Menus
  •             Create Custom Toolbars
 8) Events
  •             What are Event Procedures?
  •             On Open event
  •             Before Close event
  •             On Activate event
  •             On Deactivate event
  •             On Key event
  •             On Time event