CTFs represent a unique opportunity for employers to directly connect with the best and the brightest career when it comes to CyberSecurity skills.

  • Many companies are already waking up to the opportunity because participants attend events out of a passion for computer security
  • Many are actively looking for jobs or internships and are only too happy to be approached by employers looking for talent just because of CTF.
  • In this way, the downtime between competition rounds acts like an informal interview process – sponsors are able to see how candidates work and highlight their own offerings.
  • While students are given the opportunity to ask questions about life in the industry. It represents a lowcost, high-impact way to engage with students who may miss schemes buried in the usual deluge of marketing material given to soon-to-be graduates.
  • All indications point to the continued growth of the competitive security scene. Students are seeing cyber security as an increasingly accessible and fulfilling career path. Changes to the national curriculum also promise to engage upcoming generations with computing.