Why should you learn malware development techniques (computer virology)?

1. Those who should not know it, already know it.
2. You cannot fight bad guys by disarming good guys.
3. It forces you to see the computer science and engineering from completely new perspective.
4. It forces you to brush the concepts from various sub-fields of CS (theoretical and practical both).
5. It enables you to think like a bad guy, which comes handy in hunting for bad guys.

How does it benefit you?

After learning computer virology, you get deep knowledge about internals of computer malware. A lot of malware techniques have legitimate usage as well
(e.g. anti-piracy, legitimate monitoring tools etc). With the knowledge of malware internals, you can quickly switch to malware analysis and malware detection, and help other fighting malicious software.

Possible Job Profiles

1. Malware analyst
2. Malware researcher (working on new possible techniques and then their detection mechanism. Prevent the malware even before it is born)
3. Research on highly sophisticated attacks

Basically, your job will be revolve around malicious codes,

Who can take the Malware Development training ?

This course will be useful to all IT, software and computer professionals who would like an introduction to the Malware Development and its features, and to those who would like to learn more about this widely used programming language.

  • Live Demonstration
  • Internship/Career Opportunities from Ignite and its associates.
  • Hands on Practice Sessions
  • 24*7 Email Supports through Email.
  • CodeNext Malware Development Beginner Program - CN101               
  • CodeNext Malware Development Intermediate Program - CN102      
  • CodeNext Malware Development Advanced Program - CN103