Digital Journalism and Information Mining

This advance course will transform you into a Multimedia-Digital journalist with ability to tell simple stories powerfully. During this 64 hour training programme you will learn to create multimedia content, use your mobile phone as a powerful content generator. You will also learn advance verification skills.

The course is designed to expose students to real challenges faced by journalists and deal with them smartly using digital tools. There will be seperate focus on how to use social media to generate and tell news stories.

The students will also learn how to run a newsblog or newswebsite  single handedly on their own. The dynamics of digital news market will also be explained in detail.

Most of the times Information is the news. With Infromation mining students will be able to dig out information hidden under several layers of secrecy. The focus will be on how to get info via RTI and digital information mining.

Why To Choose Us ?

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